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Launch or Upgrade Your Business in Four Simple Steps

1. Setup Subscription Plans

Set up Service Subscriptions easily by creating your pricing tiers, setting the payment amount, and describing what your subscribers get.

2. Create Customer Flow

Need to get additional info from your users? Easily add questions to gather preferences and data before they sign up so you are sure to have everything you need.

3. Add Your SaaSy Link

Already have a website you love? No problem. Simply add the link on your website anywhere and our platform handles everything else, from analytics to payments.

4. Start Accepting Orders

Online, Offline, Anywhere. Send customers to your website or link and start getting paid for your services! Go live without needing a credit card.

Modernize Your Lawn Care Service

Don’t risk leaving money sitting outside anymore. With SaaSy,
you can set up your monthly billing all online and have new
clients provide their yard size to determine price, have your
clients pick a date on your appointment calendar of when
they would like to have you come out.

All in one place!

1. Set Your Rates based on Yard Size

2. Sync Your Calendar & Set Availability

3. Add & Send Your GetSaaSy Link

Power Your Digital Marketing Agency

Run Campaign Management, SEO, and Social Media Management,
powered by SaaSy. Offer a-la-carte or flat rate monthly pricing, have
the client provide all assets and material, and have them
authenticate the accounts or provide the info for you to get started.

No more chasing down people to get started.
Billed Automatically so no more Net-60.

1. Create Your Service Menu Options

2. Request Client Info &
Account Authentication

3. Add Reports to Client Accounts

Your Community Support Space
For Creators

Own your Brand that you’ve built, and accept monthly donations
from your supporters across all platforms. Create donation levels
and rewards, and create automatic triggers to give exclusive access
to your supporters.
Share your link anywhere. No censorship.

Don’t get locked into a platform. Own your own platform.

1. Create Donations & Rewards

2. Give Supporters Access
to Content Automatically

3. Send Notifications
to your Supporters

More Efficient Business Consulting

Your clients value you and your time, so your time should be
spent delivering value, not figuring out how to work your website.
Create your Retainer Packages, Request Contract Signatures, and
have Clients book a time or upload files that sync to your cloud storage.

Do less IT support. Deliver more value.

1. Create Retainer Service Packages

2. Link Contract
Signing Documents

3. Sync Appts, Files, & Docs Automatically

Whether you’re offering online or local services, it shouldn’t be hard to just start accepting clients. Unlike other websites, we designed Saasy to be easy to use, and customize to your specific needs.

How much would a Custom Subscription Commerce Site Cost to Build?


45 Hrs


75 Hrs

Your Time

80 Hrs

Save Time, Money, and Headaches. Start for Free
and Spend Time Building Your Business

Create Custom Plans

Customize Signup Flow

Manage Customers

Add Your Branding

Integrates Anywhere

Your Custom Domain

Easily Use With Your Existing Website or Platform by Adding a Link

Don't Let Code Hold You Back from Starting Your Dream Business

Start a Digital
Marketing Agency

Upgrade your Lawn
Care Business

Take on New Clients
as a Virtual Team

Start Teaching
Across the World

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Business Today

No Credit Cards Needed to Start. Only pay a low monthly price
you get your first 5 customers.

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Use Saasy for Free! Pay only the transaction fee up to 5 customers a month. We are here for your success. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

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6 - 50 Customers

If you’re loving how simple Saasy is and growing with us, only then do we charge monthly to help build more tools to help you grow.

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